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Academia / Industry / Government Collaborative Partnership

During its 14.5 years of operation, CCAT sponsored 58 nationwide solicitations; evaluated over 1400 applications; selected 245 technologies from private industry, universities and government laboratories; and provided approximately $51.4 million in awards and services to facilitate technology commercialization. As a result, CCAT clients achieved $412.6 million of technology sales, 3rd party investments, and mergers/acquisitions. In addition, 22 technologies from academia and government laboratories were licensed to existing and 9 new startup companies and 24 mergers/acquisitions/partnerships. Approximately 46.6% of the CCAT clients achieved at least one or more of the following critical commercialization milestones within 18-24 months of completing a CCAT program:

market penetration (e.g., sales)

additional research and development funding (capital investment, SBIR awards, etc)

license/CRADA agreements between university/government labs and industry


Additionally, since September 2010, the Small Business Administration has funded the San Diego Advanced Defense Technologies Cluster Initiative as a pilot program designed to support small businesses in transitioning their technologies into the defense marketplace and as a result achieve economic growth. This initiative is a spin-off of the CCAT program, leveraging the CCAT processes, project team, and other resources. It has a San Diego regional focus and engages numerous prime contractors, industry associations, small business services providers, and other regional organizations involved with business development and economic recovery.