CCAT delivered its services and funding at a critical time in our company's early development. Without CCAT's early support, the company's technological achievements would have been significantly delayed, causing the company to miss those market opportunities that have fueled its growth.

Paul Larson, President
Daylight Solutions, Inc.

Early in our company's history, we responded to a CCAT solicitation and were fortunate enough to be competitively selected for funding for product development and market research. CCAT's contributions to the development of our technology has assisted us getting our products to market where we are now enjoying product sales.

Louis Haerle, President
Seacoast Science, Inc.

PixonImaging has been a long time client company of the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT). Through the years, CCAT has helped Pixon Imaging develop our proprietary video enhancement technologies with funding for product development and business development services such as market research and showcase events.

Rick Puetter, CEO & Chief Scientist
PixonImaging, Inc.

Assure Controls was created as a result of CCAT's support in funding for the development of our proprietary QwikLite technology and business support services including market research and business planning. We attribute our success, in great part, to CCAT's early support for the company and technology.

Bryan Bjorndal, President
Assure Controls

As a result of CCAT's support and high performance, Lumedyne Technologies is now selling its product into various markets. Our company focuses on developing electro-optical displacement measurement techniques for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Our future is extremely promising, and CCAT was instrumental in helping all of this come about.

Brad Chisum, Chief Executive Officer
Lumedyne Technologies

Due to CCAT's support we are well on our way towards introducing [our proprietary speech-control system for small unmanned ground vehicles] into the market and begin achieving product sales. CCAT did an excellent job of providing feedback to Think-A-Move during the entire contracting process.

Jonathan Brown, Vice President, Business Development
Think-A-Move, Ltd.

shaking handsSERVICES

CCAT Provides Customized Services and Awards

CCAT provides a continuum of support for technology development, evaluation, market definition and penetration, and business development in order to achieve specific commercialization objectives defined for each client. Two major categories of services are provided to clients selected on a competitive basis as follows:

Product Development Awards

Demonstration Projects - fund field demonstrations and beta tests with appropriate government agencies, acquisition program managers, and other interested parties to confirm a technology’s technical viability for system integration and/or operational deployment.

Product Developments - fund the conversion of a laboratory prototype to a commercial prototype, or a prototype that looks and performs like the commercial product. This award may include third party independent test and evaluation to validate performance criteria.

Business Development Services

Market Analysis Studies - perform detailed assessments within identified market segments to more fully define market size, pricing/cost features, competitive risks, and other factors for use in the development of market and business plans.

Market Feasibility Studies - identify and confirm leading viable market segments to determine market potential, risks, barriers, trends, and initial strategy for market penetration.

Springboards - provide an opportunity for a CCAT client to present its technology and business plan to a panel of investors, entrepreneurs, and technologists with expertise in the technical field to hone their presentation, marketing and business strategies, and prepare a more convincing argument for investment funding.

Strategic and Organizational Development - assess client's management and business structure, resources, and capabilities which may include assistance of an "entrepreneur in residence" to provide direct business development support.

Technology Showcases - introduce the most promising CCAT-funded technologies to investors, system integrators, and government acquisition managers.